New Release — Kesilme Topraktan

I am delighted to announce that I could record and release a new single album during the pandemic. I had left Buenos Aires on March 10th to attack the second leg of the never-ending Black Sea Storm tour. After playing four shows in Peru, I had stopped by the Argentinian capital for two months to record and release “Konargöçer,” “Evde Yoksun Sen,” and “Karanlıkta.” Three days after making it to Uruguay, all the borers closed. I was only planning on staying in Uruguay for two weeks, play some shows, and pursue the tour in Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico.

Well, as of July 18th, 2020, I am still in Uruguay. I am going to play my first show today after being here for over four months already. Although I couldn’t play shows, I kept busy with Black Sea Storm running the set every day and developing it by adding new songs and modifying the parts I did not like anymore. I am excited to see how the set is going to sound this afternoon live. Since I’ve been adding and modifying things daily for the past months, I think that the set has gradually changed quite a bit since the last show.

I’ve also been working on the Black Sea Storm — The Story — book. I now have 21 chapters, over 100K words. I am still having a hard time estimating when I’ll be finishing it. I want to do justice to all the chapters of the adventures. Chronologically I just finished the chapter when I am about to leave Mexico on my first visit in January 2019. The whole pandemic thing was the perfect situation to write. No much distraction and the idea that this could be the end for many of us were great motivators. Now that things are more back to normal, and my workload has quadrupled with my freelance gig all of a sudden, it is more challenging to find time to write.

If you want to know more about the new release, the Black Sea Storm history, and my career as a rocker, I put out a press release in Turkish and English. My friend Serdar helped me with editing. I first thought he would only help me with the Turkish version, but he could also catch some things on the US-EN version.

I am still not sure how long I’ll be staying in Uruguay. It seems to be the best place to be in Latin America to have a slight chance to play live shows at the moment.

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Kesilme Topraktan — Press Release

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