In late September last year, I had the opportunity to play my first show in Mexico City at a venue called Tadeco. This first show in Mexico City allowed me to meet the beautiful people running the structure and showcase them the Black Sea Storm acoustic set. My live performance must have made enough good impression that Tadeco invited me to play again in early November 2019. This time around, I was given a Friday night prime time slot instead of a rainy Sunday afternoon at 2 PM.

Margarita, who is working full time for the structure, had done some neat promotion to draw people to this second live show. There was even a printed in color Black Sea Storm poster at the entrance of the venue. All the pre-show promotional efforts resulted in having a considerable draw and a fantastic show as far as I am concerned. The small theatre room was almost full. The show-goers were extremely attentive and supportive to my performance. This was my third visit to the Mexican capital as Black Sea Storm. In 40 days, I was able to perform two-stage concerts and a radio show.

Kırık Camlar (Akustik) Live @Tedeco November 2019

Mexico City succeeded in seducing me

I went from being somehow negatively prejudiced towards the Mexican capital to loving it in only three visits. Before my first time here, I was told so many negative things about Ciudad de México. My first impressions were, well, this is way better than what I imagined the city to be like. On my third visit, the city convinced me that this was the place to be in order to move forward with Black Sea Storm in Mexico. Rock n’ roll career interests aside, staying at Tadeco in Coyoacan was an incredibly enriching experience for me. It was like being in a little village full of art amid a gigantic metropolis.

More on Tadeco

This structure truly supports art and artists. It is being run by extraordinarily talented, dedicated, and independent artists. For those reasons, I feel the need to talk more about it. Tadeco acts as a shelter for art and artists. In addition to the live performance space, there is a dance studio, a kitchen, offices, and an area for artists to have an extended stay. Indeed, during my third visit to Mexico City to play my show, I also got to stay the entire weekend at the venue. I was even told that I could stay longer if I wanted. I was given the dance studio to sleep in and play my guitar. The acoustics were excellent. In addition to the show, I had the opportunity to play my guitar for hours every day I stayed there. Tadeco is privately owned, and it is fully independent.

Ayrıldım Ben (Akustik) @Tadeco backstage

During the days I stayed at Tadeco, in addition to Margarita, Miguel, and Gustavo, who are the core members, I got to meet other creatives. I’ve met a puppeteer from Cuba named Victor, a Chilean accordionist name Samantha and Elias, who happened to be a music and guitar enthusiast. Elias actually is living permanently in Mexico City.

My creativity got enhanced by being surrounded by talented art-oriented people. Although the show was probably the best one I had played so far on this tour, the highlight of my stay ended up being my enhanced creativity during the three-day stay at Tadeco, thank to living with other creatives who were valuing what I do.

Death is also sung

One of the cool things about Tadeco is that live performances are happening all the time. There seem to be a play or a presentation every single night. Only dozens of steps separated the room I was staying in from the main performance area. The Saturday following my Friday night show, there was a play called “De Muerte También Se Canta” put together by the entire Tadeco crew. Miguel, Margarita, Gustavo, and also Samantha (the Chilean accordion player), they were all in it.

My initial motivation to go to the play was to support my friends. I am glad I had made it. I loved every second of the presentation. I was blown away by the high level of the mise en scene, the acting abilities of the actors, the dialog, the decor, the costume design, and the music. I am not an expert in theatre plays, but as someone who has been performing live for years now, I think to have an appreciation for quality work done on stage. Watching the actual play made me want to go out to see more theatre work in Latin America.

Visit Coyoacan and Tadeco

On my last day before taking my ADO bus back to Querétaro, I got to see one more play called “La Orquestra de las Frutas.” On top of being entertained, I was impressed by the overall level of the presentation. If you are in Mexico City, I highly recommend that you go and catch a play or a concert at Tadeco. Especially if you happen to stay outside of Coyoacan. I think to enjoy the neighborhood in the afternoon and catch a play, later on, could turn itself into an unforgettable day during your stay in Mexico City.

On my next trip to Mexico, I’d love to perform and stay at Tadeco again. My stay at the venue provided such a boost for the Black Sea Storm Mexican tour that I am already looking forward to my next visit. I am always thankful to be a musician when what I do allows me to make new friendships. I can’t wait to release the songs I’ve been partially writing during my stay in Tadeco. The first one is coming out on January 24th on all digital platforms. It is called “Konargöçer.” It is already available to be heard as a pre-release on the Black Sea Storm YouTube channel.

Konargöçer by Black Sea Storm

Teşekkürler sana Çağrı!

After helping me in booking La Jícara show in Oaxaca, I was introduced to Tadeco by my invisible “Mexican Tour Angel Guardian” Çağrı Yılmaz. I still haven’t met her in person, yet she has been the greatest help to me on this first Black Sea Storm Mexican Tour. At one point I even came to the point of questioning if she existed in real life. What amazed me in following her footsteps on a couple of occasions is the impression she seems to leave on people. I could sense that people who had the opportunity to meet her in material life seem to really love her.

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